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How to find the right music teacher

Mizue Murakami Resources

Try lessons at least for a few months to see if the teacher is the good match with you. You can't really tell if it's a good match or not, by just taking 1 trial lesson. It takes time for the teacher to get to know the student as well, her or his weakness, strength, communication skills, learning style, learning pace, and taste in music. You also can't tell until you take more than a few lessons to see if the teacher has patience, dedication, consideration, understanding, compassion, and passion for teaching and if the teacher can adjust the pace accordingly for the student. A good teacher also should understand your goals and create structure specific plans for students to achieve short and long time goals. So, I recommend taking lessons at least a few month and see how it goes. Of course you can discuss about these things when you initially meet and interview the prospective teacher. However, you really don't find out until you try lessons at least for a few months. 

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