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Use your entire body to play the piano.

Mizue Murakami

Old man playing piano with passionately

A lot of beginning (or even intermediate) piano players play the piano with only fingers like typing on the computer keyboard. A piano is a huge instrument. It has 88 keys. It's long. To tackle this big instrument, you need to play with your entire body, just like sports. It's important to support your body with your two feet. Sit on the edge of the piano bench so that you can lean towards the piano, not sitting straight parallel to the piano. Come on! You are dealing with this instrument. Don't separate your body from the piano. Instead, try to be ONE with it. If you stabilize your body by your two feet, legs, & your butt, you can support your upper body. And your upper body will be more relaxed and flexible instead of being stiff. The upper body can go to the right, left, or forward, OR you can even move in the circular motion, up from your hip. Then, your elbows and wrists will be freer to move in many different directions as well. All these will accommodate your fingers to play well. Plus, you are not just focusing on your fingers. You are using the entire body to play the piano. The good news is, then, your fingers will be a lot more relax and move a lot more effortlessly. It's because your feet, legs, butt, upper body, elbows, & wrists are also doing the work, not just your fingers. 

I'll talk about this in more details in my later blogs. But for today, keep in mind that piano is something that you should be playing with your ENTIRE body, not just fingers. Once you incorporate this into your playing, your playing will improve tremendously. 

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