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What Galaxy Music Notes Offers

Mizue Murakami with red hatHi, I'm Mizue Murakami, the founder of Galaxy Music Notes. Galaxy Music Notes provides sheet music for solo piano players worldwide. The music sheets are handcrafted individually to ensure the high quality of editing, arrangements, and engraving. Each song contains a full version of the recording sample that customers can freely listen to. We offer piano solo sheet music of classical, folk, ragtime, Latin music, and holiday music at several different levels. Not only we do have pieces that were originally written as piano pieces, but we also have many music sheets that are arranged from orchestral pieces, ballet pieces, opera pieces, chamber music, small ensembles, and vocal pieces.

We hope that piano players of all levels all around the world not only enjoy playing these pieces but also utilize them in improving their skills step by step until shone like stars.***

If you would like to find out more about us, please visit our "About Us" page.