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FREE Piano Exercises to Improve Your Piano Skills

Hi, piano learners. If you would like to get better at playing the piano you have to do these exercises. To be honest, they are boring. But they will really help you improve your skills and create the solid foundation for your piano playing in the near future. So that you will be able to play songs that you always wanted to play with more difficult arrangements. Just like a swimming athlete or running athlete has to do boring and tough push ups and sit ups, piano learners need to do these boring exercises also. You won't regret it !!!  And we made these exercises to you all FREE! Even though it's free, you have to do the work. Don't let the exercise sheets sit under the dust. If you do that we'll make them all very expensive !!! The order of exercises here starts with the easiest ones and gets more difficult. Let's get to work!  


5-finger scales

1-Octave Scales


Playing 1 type chord chromatically going up & down

Chord progressions / Cadences 

Hanon Exercises from The Virtuoso Pianist

From Part 1:

From Part 2

Piano Exercises by Carl Czerny

    Technical Exercises

    Other Exercises

    We upload several exercises weekly. So, there are more to come to this page. We are planning to upload following exercises: arpeggios, inversions, pedal technique, cadence, longer scales, chromatic scale, and more.