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About Us at Galaxy Music Notes

What we offer: 

Galaxy Music Notes provides high-quality sheet music for solo piano players worldwide. All of our sheet music are carefully handcrafted at Galaxy Music Notes one by one. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of editing, engraving & arranging. We offer music from a variety of genres such as classical, folk, ragtime, Latin music, & holiday music at 6 different levels. Customers also get to hear the high-quality full-length sample audio recording of each piece for free on any given web-page. 

Our team: 

Galaxy Music Notes is a small sheet music publishing company located in Seattle metropolitan area in Washington, USA. These are our team members below: 



Mizue Murakami

  • Founder & music director at Galaxy Music Notes.
  • She resides in the Seattle metropolitan area in the USA. 
  • She also teaches piano, music theory, composition, & arranging
  • "Mizue" pronounces "Me-Zoo-Eh" 
  • More about Mizue Murakami 




Robert Puff: Music notation specialist

Robert Puff




Robert Williams: SEO & Digital marketing specialist

Robert Williams

  • SEO specialist & digital marketer 
  • He resides in the Seattle metropolitan area in the USA. 
  • His website:




Ken Hui

Ken Hui




Soham Chakraborty: content writer 

Soham Chakraborty




Avideep D., content writer from My Tasker

Avideep D. 

  • Content writer for the resource pages
  • He resides in Kolkata metropolitan area in India 
  • He works for My Tasker:




Jessie Dericto

Jessie Dericto




Carson's logo


  • A team of developers & designers for websites & softwares
  • Their headquarter is in Ontario, Canada 
  • Their website:




Logo of Swift Whale Creative

Swift Whale Creative

  • Graphic design team 
  • They are located in Seattle metropolitan area in the USA 
  • Their website:




What Mizue does at Galaxy Music Notes:

She does all song selections, arranging, composing, engraving, editing, live recording, MIDI recording, and creating instruction pages. Therefore, all the products at Galaxy Music Notes are properly categorized and leveled. We are proud to present the consistency and high-quality at Galaxy Music Notes.

The music materials we use at Galaxy Music Notes:

All the songs and compositions that we use at Galaxy Music Notes are either in public domain or licensed properly from Creative Commons or composed by Mizue Murakami at Galaxy Music Notes. 

We are a member of these organizations: