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About Galaxy Music Notes:

Galaxy Music Notes provides high quality sheet music for solo piano players world wide. All of our sheet music are carefully hand crafted at Galaxy Music Notes one by one. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of editing and engraving. We offer original piano pieces written by various composers and also piano arrangements not only of classical piano pieces but also music of symphony, opera, and ballet, ragtime, and old folk songs. Such songs are The Nutcracker, Carmen, The Planets, Moonlight Sonata, Liebesträume, and Greensleeves. Customers also get to hear the high quality full length sample audio recording of each piece for free. The main behind-the-scene personnel is a music arranger and editor, Mizue Murakami. She was inspired to write solo piano arrangement of orchestral suite, The Planets, composed by Gustav Holst. That's how this online sheet music store has started. Galaxy Music Notes is a small company located in Seattle metropolitan area in Washington, USA. Besides Mizue Murakami, currently we have a software technician; Ken, marketing specialist; Robert, graphic designer; Daniel, and assistant; Gboungué. Since we do produce each sheet music one by one, we only have dozens of songs in our store right now. But we are working hard to upload new sheet music weekly. So, please visit our website frequently or sign up with your email address so that we can notify you each time we produce new sheet music. If you have a request for specific songs/pieces please email us at info@galaxymusicnotes.com. We hope piano players of all levels out there in the world (including aliens out in the GALAXY....just kidding :-) not only enjoy playing these pieces but also take advantage of them to improve their piano skills and shine like stars.*  


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What Mizue does at Galaxy Music Notes:

She does all song selections, arranging, composing, engraving, editing, live recording, MIDI recording, and creating instruction pages. Therefore, all the products at Galaxy Music Notes are properly categorized and leveled. We are proud to present the consistency at Galaxy Music Notes.

Mizue Murakami's bio:

She has been a composer, arranger, piano & keyboard performer, and piano & music educator for many years. She has performed as a pianist with a Russian ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov and choreographer, Mark Morris, produced music for a TV program at KCTS (public TV in Seattle), and worked as a committee for the biggest music festival in Seattle metropolitan area called Bumbershoot Festival. One of her compositions was recorded by legendary jazz musicians, Frank Morgan & McCoy Tyner Trio and preserved at Fantasy Records. She was also one of the seven finalists at International Thelonious Monk Piano Competition. She studied music at Musashino Musicae Academia in Tokyo, Japan, Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA, USA, and Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada. Last 18 years she has been teaching piano & music at Mizue Murakami Piano Studio in Seattle Metropolitan area. 

The music materials we use at Galaxy Music Notes:

All the songs and compositions that we use at Galaxy Music Notes are either in public domain or licensed properly from Creative Commons or composed by Mizue Murakami at Galaxy Music Notes.