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Who Yamaha P-Series is Good For

Mizue Murakami

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There have been many occasions I recommended Yamaha P-Series (88 weighted key digital piano) to certain types of students or piano learners. But it's hard for students & piano learners to determine if P-Series is the best choice for them. There are so many keyboards, digital pianos, & acoustic pianos. Their costs range between $200 & $20,000. But I can't possibly talk about all types of keyboards & pianos. So, today in this blog, I'm limiting to Yamaha P-Series and let you know who should get Yamaha P-Series. (I'll discuss other keyboard instruments in later blogs.)

First, let's talk about who should NOT get Yamaha P-Series because P-Series is not good enough for you IF: 

  • you are already taking lessons more than several years, and you have been consistently progressing, diligently practicing, and you are a serious practitioner. 
  • you are already intermediate, meaning if you already completed all the courses & programs on the method books. 
  • you are planning to apply for music schools (universities, colleges, & conservatories).
  • you are already taking piano exams, and you are planning to continue taking exams. 
  • you have been attending competitions. 
  • you already have a different 88 weighted key digital piano.

Now, let's talk about who should NOT get Yamaha P-Series because it may end up collecting dust, IF:  

  • you haven't taken a lesson before, and you actually don't really know how interested you are in piano learning. 
  • you are a parent and want your child to learn the piano, but you don't know how much your child is going to be interested in piano learning. 
  • you are just trying to see if piano learning is going to be your hobby or one of your many hobbies. 
  • you think you can learn how to play piano from free YouTube tutorials and become a decent piano player. 

Ok, now, let's talk about who I usually recommend P-Series to, after eliminating the people who shouldn't get it (above). You should get it, IF: 

  • you have been taking lessons seriously and consistently. 
  • and you have been practicing on non-weighted keyboards for a year or so. and you are considering upgrading to a digital piano.  
  • and you know that you are serious about continuing your piano education for a long time. 
  • piano playing and learning is your primary hobby, even though you have several hobbies
  • you have never taken piano lessons. But you are very serious about taking lessons and already found a teacher (preferably a local teacher. Online teachers are not so preferred in my opinion.)
  • you don't mind the long slow journey. You are willing to enjoy the process, not instant gratifications. (Instant gratifications don't happen.) 

Yamaha P-Series has 5 different models as of July 2019. More expensive it gets, better key touch, sensitivities, and sound it has. 

I'm curious to see if there are situations that you are in that I didn't list above. So, please leave a comment. I'll update this blog accordingly. 

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