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Pluto that Gustav Holst didn't compose

Mizue Murakami

Today, I saw a news about Nasa obtaining the amazing images of Pluto and its 5 moons. This is very exciting. It looks like earth, having high mountains like the Rocky Mountains in North America and volcanic activities. Nasa will get more images of Pluto this month. The news is everywhere. So, check it out ! The English composer, Gustav Holst wrote the orchestral suite, The Planets in between 1914 - 1916. Pluto had not been discovered, then. It was discovered in 1930, four years before he died. He wasn't interested in writing a movement for Pluto in 1930. So, he didn't. It was because The Planets Suite became too popular and people were not paying attention to his other compositions. However, I wonder how he would have felt about today's news and images of Pluto and its 5 moons if he was still alive. But, despite the fact that he didn't write a movement for Pluto, still, no one has come close to write such a gorgeous orchestral suite as The Planets. It blows my mind when I think how he wrote the suite. He wrote a movement for each planet; Mars, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune. He didn't write one for earth and Pluto. 




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