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"Romance" Level 3: 1st piano page & cover


Level 3 - Piano sheet music

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  • "Romance" Level 3: 1st piano page & cover
  • "Romance" Level 3 - Piano sheet music - page 1

Overview of this digital piano sheet music:

  • "Romance"
  • Other titles: "Romance d' Amour," "Spanish Romance," "Romance Espana," "Romance de Amor," and "Romance of the Guitar." Also, it is also called "Romance Anonimo" 
  • Level 3: easy (See other levels of this song)
  • Pages:
    • 2 pages of music
    • Cover sheet
  • Key (for this arrangement): E minor - most commonly used
  • Fingerings: only on a few notes
  • Instrumentation: For piano solo
  • Complete audio sample: Always free to listen to on our website.
  • Downloading file: PDF
  • Arranger and music editor: Mizue Murakami
  • Publisher: Galaxy Music Notes
  • Product code: GMNS00372

About "Romance":

"Romance" was written by an unknown composer in the 19th century. Originally it's written as a solo guitar work. It's melancholy and romantic. And there are a variety of titles such as "Romance d' Amour," "Spanish Romance," "Romance Espana," "Romance de Amor," and "Romance of the Guitar." Also, it is also called "Romance Anonimo (anonymous) due to the uncertainty of its origin and composer. The structure is ABA form (ternary form). Section A is in the minor key (sad). And section B is in the major key (happy). To learn more about "Romance," please visit our page, "Uncertain origin of the guitar piece 'Romance'."

Tips for playing Level 3 "Romance":

In this easy arrangement (Level 3) of "Romance," unlike Level 4 - "Romance," your left hand will be staying mostly around E 5-finger scale (E position). The right hand which plays the melody should be relatively easy and not moving around much. We provided fingering numbers only on a few important notes for this level. It starts with the key of E minor, and the 2nd section is in the key of E major. However, for this level, we didn't use the key signature. Instead, we added accidentals. Please remember that if you see a sharp sign (#) in any given measure, the 2nd or 3rd notes of the same note should be sharped even though you don't see any sharp sign. The left hand may require some stamina due to the repetitive pattern. 

Download, Print (or see it on your tablet), and Practice! 

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