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Level 3 (Easy): Piano sheet music - Galaxy Music Notes

This page contains a collection of downloadable piano sheet music at Level 3 (easy). On this website, Level 3 (easy) means that the arrangements require some position changes although still not many, more coordination between right and left hands and more rhythmical coordination than Level 2 arrangements. And most pieces at Level 3 don't come with a hand-position tutorial page and as many fingering numbers on the scores as Level 1 and Level 2 arrangements. The web-page of each piece has its own free complete audio sample for you to refer to before purchasing the sheet music. You can also take advantage of the recording after buying the sheet music to improve your playing skill on the particular piece. All the sheet music here were carefully created at Galaxy Music Notes for the highest quality. 

If the Level 3 is not the appropriate level for you, please check other levels: