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Hanon Piano Exercises from Part 1: Free sheets

This page contains a collection of piano exercises from The Virtuoso Pianists Part 1 by the French piano educator and composer, Charles Hanon. When you first start one of the new exercises from this collection, we advise you to practice slowly and hands-separately. This will allow you to hear if each hand and each finger is playing evenly and steadily. Also, lift each finger high after and before pressing a key to developing more strength and independence in your fingers. Please do not just try to play the right notes, but also follow the correct fingering numbers he suggests. Otherwise, you'll not benefit from the exercises.

On the score, we only wrote one-octave pattern going up and down. However, you can try two octaves.

Hanon Piano Exercises Vol. 1

To learn more about the creator of The Virtuoso Pianist, Hanon, please visit our page, "About Charles Hanon." After mastering Part 1, you may want to try Part 2 of The Virtuoso Pianist. They are also free.