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Learn About Composers from the Baroque Era through Contemporary

Here is a list of composers by era and period from Baroque era through the 20th century. Even though there are hundreds of composers we would like to list, we are limiting to only well-known composers here. Please note that some composers are transitioning to the next era. Some composers are overlapping with other eras and/or actual time periods. Also please click a link to learn more about an individual composer. 

Baroque Era (1600 - 1750)

Classical Era (1730 - 1820)

Romantic Era (1780 - 1910)

Impressionist Era (1875 - 1925) 

Latin composers (Spanish, Spanish guitar, Tango, & etc.) 

Old folk song composer 

The 20th Century Era (1890 - 2000) 

Contemporary (western music roots) 


  • Erik Satie (also contemporary era) 
  • John Cage
  • Philip Glass
  • Steve Reich
  • Toru Takemitsu (also in the Contemporary era) 

Jazz composers, arrangers, and pianists



Currently, we (Galaxy Music Notes) have the piano solo arrangements & originals at multiple levels by these composers below: