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Minuet in G Major Level 3 - Cover sheet & 1st page

Minuet in G Major

Level 3 - Piano sheet music

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  • Minuet in G Major Level 3 - Cover sheet & 1st page
  • Minuet in G Major Level 3 - 1st piano music sheet

Overview of this digital piano sheet music:

  • "Minuet in G Major"
  • Composer: Christian Petzold
  • From Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach
  • Level 3: easy level (See other levels of this song)
  • Pages:
    • 2 page of music
    • Cover sheet  
  • Key (for this arrangement): G major - original
  • Fingerings: on all notes
  • Instrumentation: For piano solo
  • Complete audio sample: Always free to listen to on our website
  • Downloading file: PDF
  • Original form edited by Mizue Murakami
  • Publisher: Galaxy Music Notes
  • Product code: GMNS00303

About "Minuet in G Major": 

"Minuet in G Major" is probably one of the most famous Minuet pieces for piano and other keyboard instruments. It was composed by a German composer, Christian Petzold (1677 – 1733). It was thought to be composed by Johann Sebastian Bach for a long time until 1970. However, now we know that the work was created by Petzold. "Minuet in G Major" is one of the pieces in the collection called "Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach," which consists of many pieces presented by several different composers to J. S. Bach's 2nd wife, Anna Magdalena. There are only a few surviving works by Petzold left, and this one is one of few by him. The melody of this "Minuet in G Major" was used in the pop music "A Lover's Concerto," by the group The Toys, and many other medias such as films. To learn more about Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach where Minuet in G Major appears in, please visit our page, "About Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach."

Tips for playing Level 3 "Minuet in G Major":

This arrangement of "Minuet in G Major" is at an easy level (Level 3). Due to the multiple notes (both melody and harmony) required to be played a lot at the same time with both hands, we provided fingering numbers on all notes. There are 3 different hand positions, 1st position on the 1st page, and 2nd and 3rd positions on the 2nd page. When you see '(C.P.)' for example, it means 'C position.' C will be the lowest note of the closed hand position in that case. The hand positions are marked on the music score. To make this piece performed smoothly, please work on each transition including repeats. In this Level 3 arrangement, you'll be playing both the melody notes and harmonic notes, and also section A and section B (unlike Level 1 and Level 2 which play only section A.) This Level 3 arrangement sounds almost like the original "Minuet in G Major." You can refer and listen to our free complete audio sample on the top of this page.

Download, Print (or see it on your tablet), and Practice! 

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