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Por una Cabeza Level 1 - Cover sheet & 1st page

Por una Cabeza

Level 1 - Piano sheet music

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  • Por una Cabeza Level 1 - Cover sheet & 1st page
  • Por una Cabeza Level 1 - 1st piano music sheet
  • Por una Cabeza Level 1 - Tutorial page
  • Por una Cabeza Level 1 - Lyrics page in Spanish

Overview of this digital piano sheet music:

  • "Por una Cabeza"
  • Music composer: Carlos Gardel
  • Lyricist: Alfredo Le Pera 
  • Level 1: beginners' level (See other levels of this song)
  • Pages:
    • 2 page of music
    • Hand positions and brief tutorial page
    • Lyrics page in Spanish
    • Cover sheet  
  • Style: Tango
    • Key (for this arrangement): C major
    • Fingerings: on all the notes
    • Instrumentation: For piano solo
    • Complete audio sample: Always free to listen to on our website
    • Downloading file: PDF
    • Arranger and music editor: Mizue Murakami
    • Publisher: Galaxy Music Notes
    • Product code: GMNS00681

    About the song, "Por una Cabeza": 

    "Por una Cabeza" is a beautiful and softer side of tango. The music was composed by a French-Argentine composer, Carlos Gardel. And the lyrics were written by an Argentine lyricist, Alfredo Le Pera. It is about a man comparing his addictions between the horse race gambling and a woman. This song is used in popular films such as "Scent of a Woman," "Schindler's List," "True Lies," "Easy Virtue," "The Tourist," and "Take the Lead." The composer, Carlos Gardel appears in the old movie, "Tango Bar." To learn more about the story behind "Por una Cabeza," please visit our page, "About Por una Cabeza." 

    Tips for playing Level 1 "For una Cabeza":

    This level 1 arrangement of "Por una Cabeza" has only 1 hand position for the entire song. Please refer to the hand position tutorial page. However, there are a lot of black keys in this song. Therefore we consider this level as the higher end of Level 1. When you see a sharp (#) or flat (b) sign on a note on the music score, please go to one of the black keys described on the tutorial page. Please remember that you don't see a flat or sharp sign on the 2nd same note of a measure. But you do have to consider those notes as sharped or flatted notes unless if you see a natural sign on it. If you see a natural sign, please go back to a white key. There is a repeat sign. And in the 2nd time, skip the 1st ending and go to the 2nd ending to end on Low C with your left hand. You may play everything in the middle of the piano (which how it's written) or everything one octave higher depending on your taste. The left-hand thumb needs to play a black key sometimes in this song. Make sure for your entire hand to stay close to the black keys always otherwise you won't be able to reach a black key with your thumb easily without twisting your wrist. This arrangement is written as piano solo. However, you or someone else can sing along. The separate lyrics page is included in the PDF file in Spanish. 

    Download, Print (or see it on your tablet), and Practice! 

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