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Taps Level 4 - Cover & 1st piano sheet


Level 4 - Piano sheet music

$5.49 USD
  • Taps Level 4 - Cover & 1st piano sheet
  • Taps - Lyrics page

Overview of this digital piano sheet music:

  • "Taps"
  • Music composer: Daniel Butterfield
  • Lyricist: Horace Lorenzo Trim version
  • Level 4: intermediate (See other levels of this song)
  • Pages:
    • 1 page of music
    • Lyrics page
    • Cover sheet  
  • Key (for this arrangement): B flat major - original 
  • Fingerings: on all the notes
  • Instrumentation: For piano solo
  • Complete audio sample: Always free to listen to on our website. No vocal recording included
  • Downloading file: PDF
  • Arranger & music editor: Mizue Murakami
  • Publisher: Galaxy Music Notes
  • Product code: GMNS000653

About "Taps": 

"Taps" is a bugle call created by Daniel Butterfield that are often used for American soldier's funerals and other activities such as boy and girl scouts. Usually, it's played by a solo trumpeter. To learn more about this bugle call, please visit our page, "About the bugle call 'Taps'." 

It is not necessarily a song. And therefore, usually, it doesn't come with lyrics. However since Horace Lorenzo Trim wrote lyrics to it, we included a lyrics page of his version in the PDF file. 

Tips for playing Level 4 "Taps":

On this page, we are offering Level 4 (intermediate) "Taps" for piano. This arrangement is in the original key of B flat major, or we should say, the most commonly used key, especially when played by a trumpet. It has flowing arpeggios with the left hand. And since this arrangement is written in B flat major, the tonic note (the main note or the 1st note of B flat major scale) is B flat. Therefore, you do have to use your pinky (finger-5) and thumb (finger-1) often on black keys. Please move your hands in (forward) to be closer to black keys so that you can play black keys comfortably without twisting your wrists. The damper (sustain) pedal markings are not specified. However, you may re-press the pedal here and there especially on the last line (the 3rd line).

Download, Print (or see it on your tablet), and Practice! 

This product is a digital download. After you purchase it, you will be downloading a PDF file. You should be able to download it to your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet if they are connected to the internet. You'll also receive a download link via email. You may download it later when it's convenient. After you download it, please print it out or see it on your tablet for your use. And most importantly, PRACTICE!

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