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What is RCM examination ?

Mizue Murakami Resources

RCM stands for Royal Conservatory of Music. Royal Conservatory of Music actually started in Canada. It gives students assessments for their music development, accomplishment, and improvement by examinations. And they have been doing the assessments / examinations around the world including United States. Examination's name has changed a few times. Now in Canada it's called The Royal Conservatory of Music. And in The United States it's called Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. It is classical music examination. There are a lot of levels, about 13 different levels (from primary level through professional levels). The exams are available for any age and for different instruments, not just piano. But piano has been the most popular one for Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. The exams consist with (although depending on the level) performance of a piece from a few different classical eras, for example, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. Also students are required to play 2 or 3 etude (technical) pieces. For technical examinations, there are scales, chords, arpeggios, and so on. There are also exams for sight reading (playing), ear training, and rhythm reading and remembering. Written theory examinations are required from level 5 for piano students. Students don't get to shine or show off like a recital because the exam is held in a room with 1 examiner. There is no huge audience. And a student gets the result online or by email. You don't hear any clapping. You don't get flowers :-( Sorry...... But I like the quality of the program and materials they use to assess students. I highly recommend it.

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