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"Which digital piano would you recommend?"- question

Mizue Murakami Resources

There are all kinds of brands and qualities when it comes to digital pianos (some people also call them electric pianos). But when you say 'digital piano' it usually has 88 keys and keys are weighted, meaning, the touch of keys feels like more like of acoustic pianos, not like synthesizer keyboards. There are several different brands. But I would only recommend Yamaha. And Yamaha makes all different quality levels of digital pianos. Simplifying the categories, there are P-series, Arius series, and Clavinova series. P-series' prices range from around $500 - $2000. Arius series' prices range from around $1000 - $2500. Clavinova series' prices range from around $2000 - $6000. You can purchase one of P-series and Arius series at any music stores or even on Amazon.com. But if you would like to purchase one of Clavinova digital pianos you have to go to a Yamaha piano dealer near you. Within Clavinova series there are two types of series, CLP and CVP. CVP has a lot of buttons and features. If you are into electronic things (such as having all kinds of sounds or recording capabilities) you can get CVP. But I highly recommend CLP with no doubt if you would like to become a good pianist by practicing on a digital piano. CLP has the superior key touch and piano sound than CVP. It is just an amazing digital piano. If you are serious about learning 'PIANO' (not keyboards) on a digital piano and if you are considering purchasing Clavinova it's best to get CLP instead of  CVP. If you would like to learn more about Yamaha digital piano please visit usa.yamaha.com if you are in USA. If you are in another country please visit one of these sites below: 

UK & Ireland


Netherland, Belgium, & Luxembourg

Other European countries in English 

Australia & New Zealand


Hong Kong





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