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Easier Turkish March by Mozart arranged

Mizue Murakami

Easier Turkish March by Mozart has been arranged. 

Turkish March is the 3rd movement of Piano Sonata No. 11 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It's probably the most popular and well-known piano piece by him. It's even heard in some recent films such as "It's Only the End of the World", "Blood Redd", & "Take", in Mario video game "Dance Dance Revolution", and in episodes of many TV series. I can't possibly list all the films, TV series & video games that use Turkish March here. But my point is that it is a popular piano piece.

The original Turkish March, meaning not the arranged one, is fairly advanced for most beginner (1 or 2 years of learning) piano players. It requires quick and precise movements of the right hand and a lot of octaves jumping around with the left hand all the time. Very young players who have small hands and who can't reach an octave comfortably would have a hard time playing this original version of Turkish March

But still, a lot of piano learners and students love to challenge this piece. So, I came up with an a-little-easier arrangement of this Turkish March. I compressed the left hand octave harmonies to smaller intervals. I deleted the short mid section that has the extremely fast right hand movements. Even though that section is removed, the whole piece of this arrangement is transitioning smoothly from 1 section to the next. 

Please visit our "Turkish March by Mozart: Level 4" page. Level 4 is considered to be the intermediate level at our site, Galaxy Music Notes. There is a free complete audio sample of this arrangement on that page. You'll be surprised that it's still resembles the original Turkish March very much even though it's arranged to be easier. The key of this arrangement has not been changed from the original. It is still in key of A minor. 



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