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Galaxy Music Notes after a year & 10 months

Mizue Murakami

After a year & 10 months, how far we came

Hello, I'm Mizue Murakami, a music director of Galaxy Music Notes. I usually have no time to write a news blog because I prefer spending my limited time for creating new sheet music. But I just wanted to assess ourselves how far we came up until today since we launched Galaxy Music Notes in July of 2015. Now we have more than 100 sheet music, about 20 free piano exercises, and a lot of resource pages about composers, songs, symphonies, operas, ballets, and etc. 

We provide sheet music in multiple levels to accommodate all levels of piano players, learners, and students. Therefore even though we have 100 sheet music, it doesn't mean we have 100 different songs because each song/piece has multi levels. I would like to list songs/pieces that now we have: 

We continue to upload average 1 new sheet music, 1 new resource page, and 1 new free exercise sheet a week. So, please check back with us frequently. We'll do an another assessing in July 2017 when we hit our 2 years anniversary of Galaxy Music Notes. Thank you for your support !!! 


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